[HOW-TO] Share an OpenStack image between tenants

Today, I had to test an upgrade for software that comes in the form of an image. I wanted to do it in a test tenant, but the image was in the “prod” tenant. Of course, one could simply upload the image to another tenant, but there’s a better way – image sharing between tenants.

The concept is nothing new except that with OpenStack, there are a couple of quirks. It’s not so much sharing the image with another tenant, but adding the tenant to the image as a member.

So without further ado, let’s see how easy it is to accomplish this.

0) Set some environment variables to make our lives easier. “image_ID” is the image we want to share, “project_name” is the project (or tenant) we want to share the image with and “tenant_ID” is, well, the ID of the tenant that we want to have the image in.

export image_ID=1234-567-89012-34567-890123
export project_name=dev_tenant
export tenant_ID=a1b2c3d4e4

1) As mentioned before, we need to add the project ID as a member of the image:

openstack image add project $image_ID $project_name 

2) Sharing is not enough. We also need to accept the share from the target tenant:

OS_TENANT_ID=$tenant_ID glance member-update $image_ID $tenant_ID accepted

3) Last but not least, confirm the image was indeed shared (accepted):

OS_TENANT_ID=$tenant_ID openstack image show $image_ID

So, how about un-sharing? Easy as pie, it’s as simple as removing the project from the image:

openstack image remove project $image_ID $project_name 

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